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HID Access Control

HID Readers

HID Global offers leading access control readers that are an innovative and unmatchable class with sound security guaranteed. The HID readers integrate seamlessly with backend access control systems. HID credentials combined with HID readers can be implemented for maximum security at government properties, healthcare, military, corporate and any organisation where multi-technology readers will offer the highest security available today.

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HID Cards and Credentials

HID cards, tags, fobs and mobile devices are at the forefront of the access control industry. The smart technologies built in HID cards/tags offers secure access that helps to prevent counterfeit credentials. It’s becoming more common to steal the information from non-secure ID’s which is why you need HID’s high-secure technology cards. A broad range of HID cards is available for both contact and contactless smart card solutions.

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Key Features


HID Cards and Readers are engineered for scalability with current and new technologies.

Trusted Brand

HID products are trusted and used by leading enterprises and governments around the globe.

Highest Security

HID Cards and Readers are designed to fill the gap in the market where security flaws are evident.

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HID access control cards/tags/credentials require specific site information to guarantee compatibility. HID readers and cards are readily available for supply, allow us to take care of your request.