Controlsoft Access Control Solutions

Controlsoft Access
Control Solutions

Standalone Access Control Units

Controlsoft offers access control solutions for single-door installations. Intelligent standalone access control units ensure that you will have a flexible and secure system, whether you make use of RFID, pin codes, cards, or a combination thereof.

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Networked Access Control Units

Multi-door access door requirements are no problem for Controlsoft’s network components. All our units are designed to be robust and reliable, so you can focus on business operations in a secure location.

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Software Applications

Controlsoft is a leading brand in access control software. Our security management software puts you in control of your security installation. You can set highly customisable rules per employee, visitor or group, and access detailed reports.

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Key Features


Controlsoft’s technology solves your access control issues through products which are innovative, intelligent and effective.

Easy to Use

We place a premium on ease of use, which makes our solutions work without mystifying security managers.

Trusted Brand

Controlsoft’s pedigree speaks for itself. We have many satisfied customers making use of these high-quality solutions.

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